Hello! I'm Morgan and I design, make, pack and send the products you see in my shop.

Horse rider with bespoke colour matching green equine accessories

At blazing browbands, I want to provide customers with a completely customisable product that can go with their matchy sets. I take pride in making my products as high quality as possible while still keeping them at affordable prices. In order to try and operate in an eco-friendly manner, I use recycled packaging for all my orders.

Morgan Dutton with her horse Feather wearing matchy sets of horse accessories including ear bonnets, stirrup covers, browband and girdle

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I started this business in 2014 under the name 'my little browband business' when I was 13 years old.

I was looking at making a browband for my loan pony at the time so I went about finding how to do it through lots of trial and error. After I made a few, my friends started wanting custom ones made for themselves. After initial interest was shown, I decided to set up my little browband business as I loved being creative and seeing people love what I made. During the years of 2015-early 2020, I had little time to allocate to the business as I had GSCEs and then college commitments, alongside my horse.

After finishing college in June 2020 and starting my gap year, I was relieved to finally have loads of free time to dedicate to my business. So I started with a rebranding to 'Blazing Browbands' with one goal in mind: providing high-quality and bespoke browbands to go with 'matchy-matchy' sets. Since then I have expanded into other bespoke equestrian products. Nothing makes me happier than to see my creations making customers happy and being used in a sport which I love!

Different coloured horse accessories (browbands) lined up

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