How to look after browbands like this handmade bespoke browband with Equestrian Stockholm's peacock ear bonnet

How to take care of your browbands

These tips will help you to help prolong the life of your browband. Follow your browband makers suggestions for how they recommend to care for your browband.

Satin ribbon browbands 

When possible, use a browband cover or remove the browband from the bridle and store it somewhere clean, dry, and out of direct sunlight. The ideal storage option is to store it in a browband storage bag or properly designed browband cover, but covering it with a clean, soft cloth, such as an old pillowcase, also works well and will keep it dust-free. To prevent bending the points on stars and flags, try to cover it lightly. If your browband ever gets wet, be sure to ensure that it dries fully before storing.

For Blazing Browbands bespoke browbands which are made on pvc leather, the best way to clean the browband is to add the browband to a container of soapy water and gently rub the browband to remove the dirt, ensuring not to rub too hard and move the design. once it is desirably clean, ensure that the browband is left to dry naturally. If your browband is made on real leather, it is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to wash the browband by soaking it in water. Most marks can be removed by gently sponging with a slightly damp cloth. You can also use a clean damp toothbrush with a little bit of pure soap to brush clean the ribbon – work from the middle to the outside in a flicking motion. Do NOT use bleach or harsh chemicals as it may remove colour from the ribbon and your browband will be ruined. 

When wearing a ribbon browband, never let your horse tethered alone, especially if they have the chance to rub their heads against objects. No matter how securely a browband rosette is fastened, doing this is a surefire way to lose it. A horse or pony's head rubbing will destroy any adhesive or coating!

Crystal browbands

Crystal Browband Care

Try to keep your browband away from fabric and materials as the claws holding in the crystals can catch on to loose materials and cause the claws rip open, this will allow the crystal(s) to fall out the casing.

Try to keep your horse or pony from rubbing their head whilst wearing their browband as again this can damage the crystals or the chain casing and claws holding the crystals in. Spare crystals are always provided with every purchase and I’d be happy to assist with repairs.
The best way to clean your crystal browband is with glass cleaner and kitchen roll, a micro fibre cloth that won’t catch the claws or toothbrush. 

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